Working with our agency partners at Mr B & Friends, we helped produce this fun social media marketing campaign for Regina, focusing on their household paper roll ‘Regina Blitz’. We were asked to create both video and photography assets to use across their various channels and fitted with the brands well known look and feel.

The plan was to show Regina Blitz being used outside of the kitchen in a series of familiar scenarios. This meant showing the product cleaning windows, garden furniture and even being used to clean the car windscreen.

We worked with three great actors and in a short amount of time produced the content along with some great photography. The campaign was global, well received and had huge engagement across their platforms and site despite the tight turn around.


2 weeks | August 22


Mr B and Friends | Regina



“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Punks again and I am so appreciative of your help and willingness to deliver. You helped take all the pain out of it meaning we ended up delivering a great product early, so thank you for that.“


Steve Richardson 

ECD & Partner Mr B & Friends


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