Why choose Film Punks?


With extensive experience spanning various industries, we’ve contributed to numerous short and long-term filming projects for large UK enterprises like London Underground, Fourway and Network Rail. Our passion lies in crafting dynamic video content that presents your project efficiently.

Over the past decade, we have established a robust standing for delivering top-tier film production involving our team from across the company to ensure the best product possible.

Our approach is to create longterm relationships aligning with both your budget and specifications. Our suite of high-end filming services encompasses:

  • Professional and imaginative on-site filming
  • HD + 4K Time Lapse Systems for extended capturing and site monitoring
  • Aerial drone filming
  • Premium photography services
  • Animation
  • Editing and post-production services

Time-lapse photography involves capturing images at regular intervals throughout a project’s duration, allowing viewers to witness the entire project in just seconds. This technique serves a dual purpose, providing valuable marketing content and enabling real-time site monitoring, while also delivering milestone updates to stakeholders.

Our clients are setup with an app that they can live monitor a site from anywhere in the world.


Covering everything from demolition and site remediation to roadwork projects and building refurbishments. Our smart cameras are remotely monitored, ensuring the security of your project.


With so many impressive technical systems at the core of modern industry, we can capture manufacturing projects with a variety of equipment & methods perfectly tailored to your needs.


Timelapse is perfect for filming and showing off your event. Whether it’s a single day in a field, or a whole concert season in a stadium we’ve got it covered at up to 8K.