Film Club: Issue 3

The first rule of Film Club… you simply have to love film and animation to join Film Club. That’s it. There’s no other rules. So, welcome!


Here’s what we’ve been loving this month…

Earth – BBC

A fascinating look at the event preceding the earth as we know it today. The program presented by Chris Packham uses stunning CGI to recreate the unbelievable events of the past stretching back 4.5 billion years with insight on the amazing rise and demise cycles of planet earth.


The Offer – Paramount+

In this new age of well produced content on a overwhelmingly new number of subscription services, watching the big players battling it out for eyeballs has been quite entertaining but we believe the ultimate winner is the viewer. Despite being an old dog, Paramount still has a great pull with its big hitter classics and to keep it interesting is creating new content around them. This series, based on Albert S. Ruddy’s experience of making “The Godfather,” was right up our street, revealing that the behind-the-scenes of what is often considered the greatest film of all time, turns out the BTS was also oozing with drama.

More Epic Drone Pilots – Instagram

Watch this. This guy flys his drones into volcanos. Nuff said.

Diary of a CEO – Behind The Scenes – Youtube

We love this podcast for a number of reasons but the work that goes behind projects is often overlooked, good content is hard work and there are no shortcuts.

BBQ with Jake F – Tiktok

It’s BBQ season and despite the rain, the pit, the braai, the grill is calling us. If you fancy getting props for your next hoedown, look no further than the pitmaster Jake F, hailing from the deep south in the US and his unusual but incredibly likeable series of BBQ tips is like nothing else. This is where it is at!

And Finally

Rockstar Energy – Stormzy BSL


We recently got together with the amazing creative agency Pangolin to produce some electrifying new content for Rockstar Energy. Our job was to produce a British Sign Language version of this multi-world Stormzy performance, featuring an outstanding team of Hearing Interpreters and the exceptional Deaf Interpreter and Choreographer, Chris Fonseca, resulted in an electrifying BSL edition of a multi-world performance produced exclusively for the drinks brand.