How to Prep: Talking Head Interview

Relax! It’s a pre-recorded interview which means it’s very forgiving and answers that don’t work get discarded in the edit room. Simply slowing down can help combat nerves and help to give yourself enough time to formulate a good answer.

Revising Your Topic

Pre-written answers are not helpful for a video talking head and can actually be disruptive as it won’t feel natural unless you’re a talented actor. We suggest revising your subject matter so it is fresh in your mind.

Take Your Time

You don’t need to answer straight away, especially if you are unsure. Take a second to think about the point you want to make and keep it simple, if it needs more depth then your interviewer will ask you to elaborate but the most important thing is to trust the process and understand you don’t need to give complex answers.

Pausing Before and After

Pausing at the start and end of your answers will help provide clean cutting points. It is easy to forget but pausing and smiling to begin your answer will significantly help the editing process and improve the look of your interview. When you have finished your answer (even if it’s not gone to plan) always finish with a relaxed pause.

Body Language 

It is easy to be immersed in the task of answering questions but leaning, slouching or fidgeting is never a good look and your body language will have an affect on the way your answers land or can distract the viewer. Smiling is also an easy way to improve the atmosphere and keep the viewer engaged.

Repeating the Question.

Commonly the interviewer is removed from a talking head interview and so repeating the question in your answer will help to give your response context.

For example: ‘What was your first car?’ ‘My first car was a Nissan Micra’ rather than just stating ‘a Nissan Micra’ 

Avoid Jargon and Acronyms

Keep it simple, imagine you are explaining it to someone who is unfamiliar with the subject. If the topic needs more details then build up to it in stages. This will help keep your answers concise which is really important and it will also give the editor much more to work with.

If you have any questions about your talking head interview then please email