Film Club: Issue 2

Film Club: Issue 2

The first rule of Film Club… you simply have to love film.

There’s no way we can ignore Bond’s return to screen, in Daniel Craig’s final outing as the shaken but not stirred martini toting secret agent. Whether he’s your favourite Bond or not, we are of the firm opinion that he’s brought new energy to the franchise and in his final movie we say farewell to one of the best to play the role. It’s a 10/10 blockbuster bonanza that is full of nostalgic winks for hardcore fans. Blockbuster film is back! At last.
Cinema Releases 

Here’s the list of upcoming release in UK cinemas from IMDB.. some notable films are the Ridley Scott’s The Last Duel, and the unlikely return of the Mike Myers, the only man able to get up more times than Tyson Fury,  in Halloween Kills. And we’re excited to see the remake of Dune – set to be a VFX extravaganza later this month. And for Half Term, Boss Baby: Family Business is certain to bring a smile to the little kids, and us big ones.
Making of a legend

We love VFX and there’s pretty much no one better at animation than the insanely brilliant Pixar. This little film by Movie Inside (apologies for the cheese) shows how a movie’s like Toy Story 4 are made, and the level of detail that goes into making these works of art, errrr… exactly that… works of art.
Must Follows on Instagram  

Instagram is full of inspiration, none more so than one of our favourites @fromwhereidrone – the footage is absolutely spectacular. Shot after shot and film after film of absolutely mind-blowing content captured from the sky. Wow.
Are you sitting comfortably?

We are super proud of a new piece of work made with our friends at Social Buff for Purcy Chair… a start-up folding barber’s chair, which is brilliant. We created a brand film, online content, and product photography in two locations in just two days
Advertising Perfection

Here is probably one of the most beautiful TV ads of all time ‘Cog’. It’s scintillating in its detail, timing, sound design, and deceptive single shot look and feel (it was in fact many shots cut together). It’s got a whopping 10m views on YouTube, which speaks volume about the value of great advertising. 

The only thing wrong with this ad, is that it was made for Honda. Not Audi. 
Top 100 Movie Quotes of All Time
‘From frankly my dear’ to ‘May the force be with you’ everyone loves a great movie quote. And hey, here’s the best of them.
Yoda tells it like it is 
And to round things off, here’s Yoda with some great advice for all of us.