Film Club: Issue 1

Film Club: Issue 1

The first rule of Film Club… you simply have to love film and animation to join Film Club. That’s it. There are no other rules. So, welcome! This is our first EVER Film Club newsletter-y thing. We hope you enjoy it. Mostly, we’re going to share the things we love. Here we go.

MUST FOLLOW Animation Station on InstagramIf you love animation, check out @weloveanimations on Insta. One of our favourite Instagram accounts is a random smash of some of the finest, quirkiest, cutest, and most creative animations from around the world. It’s a fabulous way to find inspiration and ideas.

WINNER Lockdown ShowdownWe have been discussing our favourite piece of lockdown content in some production meetings this month. Something that really stood out was the insanely good music video shot on Zoom by Thao & The Get Down Stay Down for their song Phenom. It’s simple. And it’s wonderful.

90s TV Ads – A Guilty PleasureIf you’ve got an hour to spare (seriously – time flies when you’re reminiscing) then you have got to watch this incredible 60 minute festival of 90’s TV ads. This. Is. Brilliant.
The first-ever image of a black hole was released by a consortium of researchers, showing the “black hole at the center of galaxy M87, outlined by emission from hot gas swirling around it under the influence of strong gravity near its event horizon.”

And we think what we do is difficultWe love a good documentary. If you do too – check out The Edge of All We Know on Netflix. It’s unbelievable. We’ll be honest and admit in advance that we don’t understand the maths… but the team featured spent ten years proving the existence of black holes and creating this image. A real black hole. Brilliant storytelling.

IsolaTED TalksBased on the TED talks concept, this unaffiliated collection of films and talks from people isolated during lockdown is a sensational piece of work. Moving. Challenging. It’s a great portrait of recent times – and well worth an explore. Brilliant.

Top 100 Movies (according to Esquire)Yes. We have completed Netflix and Amazon Prime too. So if you’re looking for something to watch, how about diving into the best films of all time. It’s an amazing list, with some absolutely sensational cinema.

Cinema is Back. Long live cinema.Our friends at Odeon have released their scheduled releases for the rest of the year. Time to get our James Bond on… AT LAST. But if you’re interested in seeing all the planned UK releases for the rest of the year, IMDB has the full list here.
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