Film Punks & Me

Film Punks & Me

As part of my media studies at Farnborough College of Technology, I had the thrills and pleasures of working with Film Punks for two weeks. Film Punks is a full-stack film and content agency based in Basingstoke that specialises in creating film and animation content.

The team were welcoming, friendly, encouraging and consistently praising my work. Every morning, a video meeting was held with me and my employers who briefed me on the day’s work. This was very handy for keeping everyone on track; but mainly for discussing any ideas, issues, and possible solutions – giving me many opportunities to practise my communication and negotiation skills (something which I struggle with on a film set due to my soft voice). I thoroughly enjoyed ploughing on with my work independently. What also helped was that the team allowed me to work in my own time with a relaxed and calm tone. 

Most of the work was from home; however, I did work in Film Punks’ office one day a week during my time with them.

Diverse market research was a large factor within my work, I wrote the rough draft of a blog post titled ‘Green Punks’, researched competitors, and came up with social content suggestions on what Film Punks could share. 

I also looked into the presence of emerging technologies in filmmaking, this included resources such as discovering about possible uses for holograms and VR and AR technologies. 

I thoroughly enjoyed playing around with all the Film Punks equipment – such as a 360 camera, Inspire drone, Blackmagic 4K Pro, and their pocket camera.

I worked on a series of training films for Film Punks’ Charity of the Year, Diverse Abilities; adding subtitles and grading the videos they had sent us, I also worked on the audio files! 

The Punks team were also keen on helping me with a short film that I had created as part of my coursework: they showed me how to make film titles and gave support with colour grading. This has been instrumental in my rapid progression in a matter of two weeks! The work experience has enhanced my skills and made me much more able to fix issues without reliance on media lecturers or my media technician; I know how to create a workflow, change sequence settings, how to work with motion graphics, and how to add effects and graphic layers – it’s all thanks to the team at Film Punks.

It was great to be able to receive constructive criticism from professionals in the media industry. 

It helped me in finding new and innovative post-production techniques which helped to expand my knowledge within video editing and effects. This will be immensely useful for future projects and will be able to apply this newfound knowledge to create more variety and interest and hopefully create more compelling videos.

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