Why ‘The White Lotus’ Theme Hits Different.

The theme music of Season Two of the HBO series “The White Lotus”, titled “Renaissance” and composed by Chilean-American composer Cristobal Tapia de Veer, has captured the essence of modern times. The piece has become a social media sensation, a hit in the EDM genre and most recently, was covered by the funk jam band Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. Guitarist Greg Ormont, a fan of the show, performed a electrifying version of the song during a two-night performance at XL Live in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The unique sound of “Renaissance”, characterized by its high-pitched yodel-like vocal part and the absence of lyrics, adds to the tension and drama of the operatic setting of the show in Sicily. Greg Ormont spoke to Variety about why he thinks the song has struck a chord with audiences. He explained that the unusual vocal part, chopped up to have a Native American-like sound, is what makes the melody so intriguing and different from the norm, which is why it captures people’s attention.

When asked about the crowd’s reaction to their cover, Ormont stated that he immediately recognized the “The White Lotus” fans in the audience as they would be the ones most excited about the song. He also mentioned that playing the song was a great litmus test for the subscriptions of HBO.

Ormont, who is a huge fan of the show, finds it hard to explain why he loves “The White Lotus” so much. He attributes his fondness for the show to its unique storytelling, rich characters, and their complex relationships. He also acknowledged that the finale of Season Two left many unanswered questions that left audiences satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time.

The song made its way into the band’s setlist after Ormont played it for the band, and it quickly became an earworm for guitarist Jeremy Schon. Schon went home and started watching the show, and then brought out a guitar pedal that he rarely uses to mimic the choppy melody. The song was an instant hit with the band, and they felt compelled to play it immediately after the finale of the show had aired. Ormont also mentioned that they wanted to play a song that people knew, but hadn’t been overplayed, and “Renaissance” fit that bill.

When asked if they were looking to reach more fans with the cover, Ormont admitted that it was in the back of their minds, but the main motivation was playing a song they loved and wanted to hear. He explained that they wanted to find a happy medium between playing familiar songs and those that haven’t been overplayed.

Finally, Ormont mentioned that he derived some creative inspiration from the show’s characters, as he saw similarities between their situations and those faced by people regardless of their financial status.

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